EgoFebruary 8, 2013 at 5:00 am

Top 10 Ways to Survive that Chilly Walk to Class

1. Dress in layers.
Don’t be afraid to throw on that ski mask. You may look like a robber, but at least you’ll be a warm one.

2. Use PennTransit.
It’s already factored into your tuition, so use it! They start running at 5:00 PM and will take you almost anywhere on campus. Go incognito if you think it’s social suicide.

3. Drink warm beverages.
Starbucks is all over campus, didja hear? Make your way to one and acquire a warm beverage to accompany you on your walk to class.

4. Use shortcuts.
Check out Ego’s oh–so–useful feature about walking routes to avoid the cold. The less time you spend going from place to place, the less time you spend freezing your butt off.

5. Use handwarmers.
You can use the traditional ones you buy at the store… or just have a hot “friend” hold your hand…

6. Speed walk/jog/run to class.
Not only will it get you to your destination faster, but it’ll get your blood flowing and you may even burn a calorie or two!

7. Carry a pocket mirror.
The sight of your sizzling hotness may actually make you feel a little warmer on the inside.

8. Wear those fuzzy socks with boots.
When your feet are warm, your whole body is warmer. Everybody knows those fuzzy socks are great for wearing around the house on a cold day; pair them with boots when you go outside and you’re good to go.

9. Think warm thoughts.
If you pretend you’re in a tropical paradise, you might actually feel sunkissed! Or just go to a tanning salon.

10. Don’t go outside.
When all else fails, just stay inside with your laptop and indulge in your favorite reality show.

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