EgoFebruary 13, 2013 at 12:38 pm

The Do’s and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day

Five things to avoid on the national day of love and five ways to successfully feel all the exes and ohs

DON’T let reading this be the first reminder you were supposed to make a reservation…Beijing ain’t classy.

DON’T make a spectacle… no one wants a singing quartet confessing your love in Van Pelt. Except the person who puts it on YouTube.

DON’T try to use this as an opportunity to do what you always wanted to do under the button because it will be “fun and romantic at the same time!” That’s UTB’s turf.

DON’T use Tinder to find a Valentine’s Day date. That is all.

DON’T start a date night with one person and end with another.

DO send valentines to your friends! Who says Valentine’s Day is only for people in relationships?

DO go to Pottruck (for the first time all semester) before your date…and don’t just get a smoothie and/or sit in the sauna. You know who you are.

DO make a drinking game out of Valentine’s Day. Take a shot every time you see a couple holding hands or making out, and take two every time someone around you gets something delivered to them. You’re going to need it.

DO show your domestic side… don that apron like a regular Barefoot Contessa and show those culinary skills you’ve learned from the Food Network. Your date will be impressed and it will be a remedy for DON’T #1.

DO call your mom. You owe her for all those years of her being your valentine.

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