MusicFebruary 21, 2013 at 5:15 am

STRFKR—“Miracle Mile”

Known for its signature brand of spacey pop,  STRFKR (pronounced “starfucker”) is pretty appropriately named. Fans of earlier albums like “Heaven’s Youth” won’t be disappointed with the group’s latest electro–synth and bass riffs, with “Atlantis” and “While I’m Alive” as two of the highlights. Like much of the band’s earlier stuff, the faster–paced tracks on this album are destined for some pretty catchy house remixes. However, the barely 53–second–long “ISEA” proves that STRFKR is at its peak when it avoids ballads and sticks to what it does best.  Overall, “Miracle Mile” is a solid start to 2013—pretty good, but far from a miracle.

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