MusicFebruary 14, 2013 at 5:32 am

Review: Foals—”Holy Fire”

Four minutes into Foals’ new album, “Holy Fire,” the instrumental build–up of pounding drums and plunging guitar strings in “Prelude” establishes an atmospheric vibe that strongly resembles their previous hit, “Spanish Sahara.” The resemblance ends as soon as “Inhaler” begins. Riveting electric guitars strings ease into Yannis Philippakis’s raspy vocals. Soon enough, the song’s prowess builds up to a roaring “and I can’t get enough… SPACE!” Following such a powerful song that perfectly embodies internalized self–conflict, “My Number” opens up with deceptively funk–rock instrumentals. About a minute in, the song takes shape as a catchy, chorus–driven pop song. “My Number” is most similar to the repetitive choruses found throughout their previous studio production, “Total Life Forever.” While “Holy Fire” fails to surpass the band’s previous success, its varied track list is definitely worth the listen.

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