LowbrowFebruary 21, 2013 at 5:45 am


I don’t know about you, but every time Spring Break rolls around, Lowbrow is wishin’ we had us some sweet tattoos. We’re here to help you use nature’s best skin–altering device: THE SUN! Just follow the directions below and use the cut–outs to get a tan in all the areas you desire and send the right message.

Lowbrow’s got your back. We want your sun tat to be customized to your situation.







Listen, we all know, things are gonna get crazy. Use the sun to burn the words “HOOKUP TALLY” into your skin, then simply tally with a sharpie underneath.









Everyone on the beach will know you DGAF. YOLO. Go big or go home.




Make sure that this arrow is pointing directly at your genitals. Answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind without having to get awkward about it. (Editor’s note: Only wear this if you are actually STD free. Otherwise it’s a public health issue.)









This self–referential sun–blocker will show the world that you don’t tan unless you can send a message at the same time.









You won’t even have to tell your fellow spring break partiers you go to Penn, they’ll just see it on your bod.









We just had to include this one for the liberals and the patriots.



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