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"Glee" was full of surprises tonight. Here's a list of the Top 5 "Didn't See That Coming" moments in this week's episode.


1. KURT AND BLAINE HOOKING UP. I think Gleeks everywhere had their heart broken over and over again when Kurt and Blain broke up, hinted at getting back together, and then ended up “officially” ending it anyway. With Kurt having moved on to other boys in New York, I was finally beginning to come to terms with the break–up, when all of the sudden, boom! Ryan Murphy decided to show Blain and Kurt hooking up again. Although I can’t say I’m not glad to see their sizzling chemistry again, if Glee is going to take another go at their relationship, it better last this time.

2. MR. SCHUE GETTING LEFT AT THE ALTER. I had high hopes for Will and Emma. I mean, I know she’s a little cray–cray with her OCD and what not, but her and Will seemed to really work for each other. I should have known she wouldn’t be able to make the walk down the aisle again, especially after her and Finn’s scandalous kiss last week. I loved how casually they proceeded to have the reception though. Typical “Glee” move right there.

3. SANTANA AND QUINN GOT INTIMATE. Sometimes I’m truly confused by their love–hate relationship However, if I’d got my pick of the two, I’d definitely choose love. Things got a little steamy between Santana and Quinn of them as they headed for the bedroom during the (non)wedding reception. And surprise, Quinn liked it! Was “Glee” possibly hinting at a future relationship between Santana and Quinn? Seeing how Quinn bounced between men during the high school years, I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

4. FINN AND RACHEL BACK AT IT AGAIN. They’re another couple that has taken us on an emotional roller coaster ride. Unlike Kurt and Blain, I had lost all hope for Finn and Rachel. Rachel was living in New York and seemed to have finally found herself. She got herself a hot new boy toy and was doing really well at NYADA. All was well, until she came back to Lima for wedding and hooked up with Finn. What’s with Finn all of a sudden being daring and romantic? Are they going to rekindle their flame too? And finally, what’s with Rachel just casually going back to Brody afterwards? I could have sworn they were in an exclusive relationship, but according to this week’s episode, they “aren’t putting labels on anything.” I definitely thought Finn had become a man of her past, but according to him, he’s the man of her future.

5. RACHEL MAY BE PREGNANT!? Rachel. Berry. Day Planner. Missed Period. At Home Pregnancy Test. Brody’s? OMG. That is all.

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