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DIY: Fairey-Inspired Paper CD Case

You need:
Computer paper with printed artwork on one side (try: Shepard Fairey’s “Guns & Roses”) OR with personally drawn artwork on one side (be creative!)

1. Center the disc at the top of the paper.
2. Fold the sides of the paper over the disc. Crease the sides, making them straight for the length of the paper.
3. Center the disc at the middle of the folded paper.
4. Fold the paper from the bottom up so that it reaches just above the disc’s center hole.
5. Remove the disc. Pull the underside of the short flap outward to make an arrow–like shape.
6. Refold these arrows along the vertical line.
7. Tuck them into the fold to make a pocket for the disc to rest in.
8. Fold the top corners of the paper inward, making little arrows again at the top.
9. Slide the disc into the pocket.
10. Tuck the top flap into the pocket and crease the top of the square.
11. Label the CD case. Admire your Fairey–inspired mix CD.


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