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Beach Fossils—“Clash the Truth”

Beach Fossils’ second full–length album, “Clash The Truth,” sounds like a sophomore slump. With its 2010 debut, the group seemed like a standout contender among the litany of other Brooklyn dream–pop bands (think Real Estate and Cloud Nothings). But rather than mature into a more expansive, richer sound, Beach Fossils simply continued to make lethargic lo–fi pop. The album opener “Clash the Truth” is perhaps the most energetic—you can easily imagine people getting down to this anthemic song at shows. But it fails to set the tone because what follows on the album is pure haze. The exception comes in the form of “Birthday,” which utterly rocks. But in general, the novelty of Dustin Pasyeur’s voice wears off with each track and marks “Clash The Truth” as uninspiring noise.

Grade: C+

Sounds best when: Deep in the doldrums

99–cent download: “Birthday”


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By Anon on February 21, 2013 at 5:59 am

To be fair, the album was a disappointment. But it’s a much different album than the first, which this review implies. The first album was a lot simpler and recorded on a MacBook. I think this new album was actually recorded in a studio and has a lot more texture. There’s also kind of a noise pop/Sonic Youth influence on this lp that wasn’t on their debut

By Levante LaBerga on February 21, 2013 at 5:59 am

i’ve listened to a lot of music in my lifetime, probably more than you, and i can roughly surmise by your words that you’re a proud idiot. Call me one as well, but this review sucks, this album absolutely rocks, it’s as if Joy Division went to Ibiza and almost every song is brilliant and ferocious. Are you sure its not your shitty blog career that’s in a sophomore slump? How can you call this album “lethargic” when every song is between 160-180 bpm? Are you just an ugly intern with your earbuds up your twat so you only hear the vibrations of your own lameness? You serve as a perfect example of why the internet is stupid sometimes: because it gives assholes like this a voice when they should just stay right between the cheeks and pucker up.

By Levante LaBerga on February 21, 2013 at 5:59 am

Hey, sorry I’m such a meanie to you Frida Garza, IRL I am a nice person so sorry that I was mean to you over the internets… but still your review is horrible and this album deserves more than your 100 words of dismissal. At least figure out how to dislike something eloquently so that your writing actually functions as something other than an emblem of your greater boredom.

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