MusicFebruary 21, 2013 at 5:30 am

Atlas Genius – “When It Was Now”

Atlas Genius’s debut opens with a good first impression as the retro–tinged “Electric” sets the standard for the rest of the album. “If So” follows, with similarly hooky guitar riffs and distant vocals that beg for a closer listen. Atlas Genius manages to find a balance between synth–pop and indie rock with “Trojans,” appropriate for both the dance floor and the power–walk to class. “Back Seat” is another standout, channeling Foster the People while replete with its own character. Although “When It Was Now” tends to blend together, it will be no easy feat recording another album that is as equally suited for pop radio as it is for a hipster’s iPod.


Grade: B+

Sounds best when: Mopping the floors

99–cent download: “Trojans”

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