HighbrowJanuary 17, 2013 at 5:43 am

Word on the Street: New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new me, new Highbrow. Highbrow knows that all of you lovely Penn kids take the start of a new year and semester in stride and use the opportunity to change something about yourself. And we wanted to know just what resolutions you guys had in store for the new year. So we asked and here are your responses:

We resolve to never care about the haters.

Start a Twitter account / Learn to take a compliment / Forgive Kristen Stewart / Stop chewing gum in public / Not to be nocturnal / Stop giving a shit about what other people perceive of my personality and learn to be ok with it / Travel more / Grow into my hands / To live like the people in Rent but without all the dying / Significantly up my Netflix viewing / Get more Hosencalls / Go on an Amy Gutmann panty raid / Pay better attention to the other side of a conversation / Act more British / Be on time / Do something worth a goddamn / Stop making my mother cry / Finally get over him / Finally tell him I love him / Stop going to Pottruck just for the smoothies / Give that kid back his sweatshirt / Finish the package of corn dogs in the back of my freezer / Successfully eat a cheeseburger in Hillel / Confess to my Big that I can’t stand her / Actually apply myself in class / Sleep at normal people times / Drop my pre-professional major for something I really want / Get tested / Understand that my own problems are not the worst thing in the world and other people don’t always want to hear about them when they have their own / Sex in the Pod bathrooms / Stop worrying about things I can’t change / Consolidate all of my e-mail addresses / Start listening to more 90’s R&B / Stop being superstitious / Try to do one new thing every day / Try to talk to one new person every day / Learn to take constructive criticism / Think before I complain / Tell everyone just how much they mean to me / Stop criticising myself in the mirror before I leave home / Join clubs even if I’m intimidated by the fact I don’t know anyone at the meetings / Call my dad after all these years / Dip dye my hair / Try to cut down my technology use / Stop being a huge bitch to my parents and everyone else / Learn how to crochet / Stop letting other people speak for me / Watch Star Wars Episodes 1-6 in one sitting / Get my driver’s license / Try to be more open-minded about other people’s viewpoints / Shake my tail feathers like nobody is watching / Wake up earlier / Stop biting my nails / Curse less / Thank God for at least one thing I have every day / Stand up straighter / Grow out my hair / Run a 5K / Read more for fun / Get in shape / Smile more

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