FilmJanuary 24, 2013 at 1:45 pm

Which is the Frattiest Movie of Them All?

Street asked Panhel president Jessica Stokes and IFC president Andrew Turell to rank the movies in our "My Big Fat Greek Movie" feature from most accurate to least when it comes to depicting Greek life.

Jessica Stokes’s list: 

 1. “Legally Blonde”: We just about do throw confetti from the stairs when sisters get good LSAT scores, or even great grades — we are very supportive of each other in school!

2. Sydney White: This movie shows that there is a home for everyone on a college campus, and for some students, their family is in their Greek chapter and strong bonds are forged with your Greek brothers and sisters.

3. “Sorority Row”: While not resorting to such extreme measures as these characters, we definitely do have the backs of everyone in our chapters and we do everything we can to support them.

4. “Animal House”: While we value the friendships and strong bonds demonstrated in this film, this is an overly wild depiction of Greeks. Unlike these characters, we take pride in our grades, campus involvement and community service.

5. “Old School”: The idea that no matter how old you are, you are still Greek is very true and important, but we will definitely not be forty and recruiting elderly citizens into our made–up chapters.

6. “Revenge of the Nerds”: In no way are our chapters disrespectful towards non–Greeks. All of our Greek members are very involved in lots of organizations and programs outside of their chapters and many serve as leaders on this campus.

 Andrew Turell’s list:

 1. “Animal House”: I could never make a list which includes “Animal House” and not have it in the number one spot.

2. “Sorority Row”: I hear some schools actually have all their sorority houses in a row…so I guess that makes this one more realistic than the rest.

3. “Sydney White”: No comment.

4. “Old School”: All Penn Greeks have in fact attempted to jump through a hoop of fire just like Will Ferrell tries to.

5. “Legally Blonde”: Only if real life Greeks could get into law school as easily as Elle Woods.

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