EgoJanuary 24, 2013 at 5:00 am

Top 10 Things to Expect Coming Back From Abroad

So you’re back from your world travels to dear old Penn. From Finland to Filthadelphia. Here’s what you’ll face on a daily basis.

1. Perpetually hearing “How was your semester?!” and recycling that one anecdote about when you tried to hitchhike but ended up at a discoteca (lol).

2. Feeling like you’ve changed and grown, while people who’ve stayed at Penn haven’t done much soul searching outside of changing their majors or hairstyles.

3. The croissants/Italian pasta/amazing foreign food just won’t be the same in Philly. Please don’t whine about it too much, for the sake of your uncultured friends. At least you don’t have a meal plan.

4. You may feel happy to settle back into a comfortable old routine—but beware of pangs of abroad nostalgia. Your landlord is nothing like the kindhearted hostel women of Europe.

5. Jetting off to exotic weekend destinations is no longer easy or super socially acceptable.

6. Still being underage is going to feel pretty painful. Maybe put on your abroad destination’s applicable accent? Does that work on bouncers?

7. You might feel the urge to look down on the good old U.S. of A. since you’re just so sophisticated now. In fact, you’re basically abroad in America. You have a new true home.

8. We get it—you’re really fashionable now with all your Australian trends. But it’s winter here and you look ridiculous.

9. You now have to take real classes again. Maybe even on Fridays. Sorry!

10. Your friends will grow to resent your overseas tales faster than you think.

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