MusicJanuary 17, 2013 at 5:42 am

The Music of Penn’s Greek Life

In light of rush, Street takes a look at the musical choices of your favorite frat scenes. It's a Greek Musique Critique.

“Don’t You Worry Child”—Swedish House Mafia
Wishing to assure you that they are, in fact, all internationals, Castle boys groove to music from overseas. Electronic music by French and Swedish DJs are most popular au chatêau. Practice your fist pump and swing right over.


“Sweet Caroline”—Neil Diamond
Owls has a serious nostalgia complex. Here you will find the opportunity to finally party to the oldies your parents always listen to. We’re just wondering what the obsession with a girl named Caroline is, Owls. Care to explain?


Whether you plan to veg or space out, no matter: TEP’s indie sounds provide the perfect soundtrack for your lay-back, in whatever state of mind. Head on over to TEP for a perfect compilation of trippy music.


“Gangnam Style”—Psy (any remix)
If it gets people dancing, it’ll be playing at SAE. Be ready to immerse yourself in the marvelous creation of mainstream radio music. Once the tracks get somewhat outdated, the remix is permissible.


“Clique”—Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean
What’s frattier than the latest hip-hop track to party with your bros? The boys at Beta pride themselves in being the emblem of frat culture in ‘Murica. Playlist on par —  think state school.

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