HighbrowJanuary 31, 2013 at 5:43 am

The Meh List: 1.31.13

Highbrow picks the meh–est parts of Penn. Not good. Not bad. Just meh.

1. NSO Toga Party

Toga! Tog…uh…









2. McClelland Brunch

Delicious with uh… Ketchup.










3. PennEats Cards

Never, ever used.







4. 39th Street

We could go there. We could also stay home.





5. Women’s Clothing Section of the Bookstore










6. Allegro During the Day

A midday cannoli? I’m okay.









7. Singles in Hill







8. Residential Programs

Pre-meds in Goldberg Media & Comm. Classic.








9. Spring Fling Themes

Jolly rancher vodka is good until it gets sickeningly sweet.







10. Drexel

The dragon’s name is Mario.

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