MusicJanuary 31, 2013 at 6:00 am

Local Natives—”Hummingbird”

Kelcey Ayer belts out the opening lines of “Hummingbird,” Local Natives’ latest album, with such impassioned honesty that one might wonder if he’ll last to the end of the set. Two words: keep listening. The group’s sophomore effort is a journey through a frenzy of human emotions. The instrumentals dance between dreamy pop and pounding rock, tightening up and then releasing at all the right moments. And every sound seems to reverberate before fading away, creating an atmosphere that keeps the listener engaged with every auditory treat the album offers. From the chilling “ooooh’s” on “Breakers” to the pleading repetition of “Colombia,” Local Natives showcases its musical diversity while holding on to the thread that binds the album together: a beautiful, relatable sadness.

Grade: A

Sounds best when: You’re wide–awake lying in bed with the lights turned off

99-cent download: “Colombia”

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