ArtsJanuary 17, 2013 at 5:35 am

DIY: T–Shirt Scarf

Turn your crappy t–shirt into a trendy accessory with these easy steps.

You Need:

XL t–shirt (Check the depths of your closet or any thrift store. Try Second Mile.)


1. Cut off the sleeves of your XL t–shirt.

2. Cut straight across the top of the shirt, just below the neckline.

3. Cut straight across the bottom of the shirt, removing the seam.

4. Cut half–inch strips from the bottom and top of the shirt. Use your judgment for the length of the strips; this doesn’t have to be exact.

5. Hold the center of the shirt and pull on each strip so that the cloth curls at the edges.

6. Voilà! A swanky scarf to spice up that tired peacoat of yours.

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