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Destiny’s Child: A Pop Legend is Reborn

It's been a dark decade without our favorite girl group. We're giving them back the spotlight they deserve.

Top 5 Destiny’s Child Songs
1.    Say My Name (1999)

Who would’ve know that all you had to do to make a hit video was feature a variety of scenes of color-coordinated people striking various vogue poses? Either way, this song was a huge succes and definitely got people saying their names!

2.    Soldier (ft. T.I. and Lil Wayne) (2004)

Destiny’s Child decided to get a little gangsta when they released “Soldier.” Featuring younger, pre-fame versions of T.I. and Lil Wayne, Beyonce’s pregnant 17-year-old sister and various other random kla$$y individuals, Destiny’s Child combined their usual sex appeal with a more urban feel that certainly appealed to hip-hop and R&B aficionados alike.

3.    Bootylicious (2001)

People already knew they were hot, but after “Bootylicious,” Destiny’s Child literally left its mark on the English Dictionary. From that point on, any beautiful, well-endowed female was referred to as “bootylicious.” Some could even argue they re-ignited big butt appeal in the world of R&B. Despite their hesitation, we were indeed ready for that jelly.

4.    Survivor (2001)

Jungle outfits? Check. Camouflage slash army fatigue outfits? Check. Three sexy females crawling through the dirt motivating women (and men) across the nation to get their butts in shape? Check. Need I say more?

5.    Bills, Bills, Bills (1999)

When this song came out, guys didn’t know whether to drool or be angry that Destiny’s Child was pointing out their money-pinching ways. On another note, does anyone even remember Destiny’s Child rejects LeToya and LaTavia? Neither do I.

Destiny’s Child’s Comeback

Nuclear (2013)

After listening to their new single multiple times, one of the first things I want to tell people is to relax and try not to compare it to the old Destiny’s Child we all knew and loved. The vocals in the song are still on point and their voices still come together and make magic. That being said, it’s different than the old sound we all knew but what did people expect? It’s like if one of your old favorite TV shows were to try to make new episodes. You would never think them as good as the old ones were. It took “Toy Story” 11 years to make sure they got it right! What I do feel “Nuclear” is missing—and they may have done this on purpose­—is a glorious Beyonce solo verse. On basically all of Destiny’s Child’s songs, Beyonce has had some kind of prominent solo that brought the whole song together and took it to the next level. I could see why Kelly and Michelle would object to this happening again now, but in my opinion, if Nuclear had a good, old–fashioned Beyonce solo, it would better live up to expectations. All in all, I am happy with their new single and look forward to their new album “Love Songs” coming out on January 29th, 2013.

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