MusicJanuary 17, 2013 at 11:00 am

Beats Overseas

The jet-setting juniors are back from abroad. Street checks in with them to discuss their favorite international tracks.


London, England

S Club 7—“Bring it All Back”

We all know that throwback parties, oozing nostalgic glory, are fan favorites. So naturally—and totally unsurprisingly for those who know me—one of my happiest nights in London featured not only the blonde British boy that would come to define my semester, but also lots and lots of S Club 7.



Havana, Cuba

Los Principales – “Quimba Pa’ Que Suene”

A huge song while I was in Cuba was “Quimba Pa’ Que Suene,” which basically means “fuck loud”— vulgarity that earned it a total ban from all government-owned establishments (it’s Cuba; everything is government-owned). It’s a ridiculous, autotune–abusing reggaeton song and I heard it countless times while cruising through Havana in taxis from the 1950s.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Agapornis—“Si Te Vas”

This was the song that I learned to associate with cumbia in Buenos Aires. The boliches seemed to go through the same series of American music, Spanish music, and then exclusively cumbia. It is also the one everyone seemed to complain about and then sing at the top of their lungs. Típico. ¡Holis, porteños truchos de IFSA!



Bejing, China

Eason Chan feat. Faye Wong—“Yinwei Aiqing (Because of Love)”

Being in a language pledge environment in China, I took every opportunity to throw on my headphones and listen to some good old American music. But “Yinwei Aiqing” did the trick when I couldn’t listen to English music or the Ricky Martin CD my roommate gave me. Love songs are a big courting tactic in China, so I had to be ready to go.

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