Food & DrinkJanuary 31, 2013 at 5:00 am

Shop n’ Bag: A Whole New (Grocery Shopping) World

Walk three blocks further west to find FroGro’s cheaper, better, more international alter ego.

Get out of your FroGro funk! It’s well worth walking to Shop’n’Bag, a not–so–hidden gem with great deals and a huge selection of unique products that will satisfy any ethnic food fix. Here are our top picks:

Costa Rican Yucca ($0.79/lb.)

It’s all in the family: boil or fry this South American staple to create a succulent side dish that replaces dull ol’ potatoes.

White Hominy ($1.99)

The meaty texture of these oversized corn kernels will give depth to soups or provide a more flavorful alternative to grits.

Dulce de Leche ($5.32)

Reward your sweet tooth by choosing a few items from the endless selection of dulce de leche products. Find this dense and creamy mixture of heated milk and sugar inside in pies, cakes, cookies and pure chocolate shells, or just straight from the jar.

Aloe Vera ($1.39 ea.)

Think this green gush is reserved for extreme sunburns? Think again! Make a final stop in the juice aisle, where you’ll find the substance in an array of drinkable flavors like pineapple, strawberry and guava.

4301 Walnut St.
(215) 387-3070

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