FilmDecember 5, 2012 at 12:58 am

Trailer of the Week: “World War Z”

The trailer for the post-apocalyptic film “World War Z” provides a glimpse into one of next summer’s blockbusters in which Brad Pitt races to stop a zombie outbreak from destroying the world.

What We Love: Brad Pitt. Enough said. Pitt’s dexterity as an actor has been enjoyable to watch, especially in some of his most recent films. Also, it’s thrilling to see Mireille Enos smiling for once, and jumping over to the big screen after her stellar role on AMC’s “The Killing.” Action buffs: brace for some big battle scenes, from all across the globe. The depiction of the zombie-laden, devastated world is brief in the trailer, but is enough to gage some buzz of this familiarized fantasy.

What We Don’t: Without knowing anything about the film, the first viewing of the trailer could be a tad confusing. “How do we know they’re coming?” asks Enos’ character, yet we aren’t actually sure ourselves what “they” are. The man chasing Pitt is a zombie? We had to glance twice at that. Even the CGI is somewhat obvious, which is underwhelming for a film projected to be budgeted over $125 million. Since when did Rick Grimes and Co. decide to hit the big screen? And since when did Milla Jovovich decide to switch genders? We’ve seen this concept way too many times, so we may be expecting a conventional, clichéd end-of-the-world film with zombies thrown in the mix.

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