FilmDecember 6, 2012 at 5:20 am

Pete’s Fave Films: Chick Flick Edition

“I like watching the occasional chick flick. Especially Nicholas Sparks films!” Hear that, ladies? Pete Hess has got date night on lock. We had him tell us about some of his fave romantic weepies.

“The Lucky One”
We were impressed when Pete name–dropped this Zefron flick, which was just released in April. Dude clearly knows the genre. “I liked seeing the inadvertent reciprocity between Efron and the woman who he falls in love with, as she gives him direction while he saves her from her abusive husband.” Oh, yeah. Kid’s got game.

“The Last Song”
Critics bashed this Miley Cyrus star–vehicle, her first foray into more “mature” fare. Yet Pete can appreciate the finer points of Cyrus’s acting, along with the presences of Greg Kinnear and huggable romantic lead Liam Hemsworth. As Pete says, “the power of love prevails” — apparently onscreen and off.


“A Walk to Remember
Although Pete admits that the movie is based on a “cliché,” you can’t help but root for the two lovebirds trying to overcome Mandy Moore’s leukemia. They don’t (spoilers!), but that’s okay: “Love can transcend anything,” said Pete. “Even death.” And Switchfoot.


“The Vow”
“Not from Nicholas Sparks, but that’s a good one…” Pete began. And later: “Channing. Need I say more?”



“P.S. I Love You”
Pete. Cried. Need WE say more?

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