FilmDecember 6, 2012 at 5:15 am

Parts Pete Should Have Played

Pete’s a unique guy with many talents. Could one of them be acting? We dreamt about how he’d do in these films and here's what we saw.

Mark Zuckerberg
“The Social Network”
Pete already runs a website called “The Sports Quotient” with his friends, which he hopes to take national. Obviously, it’s not much of a jump from there to genius boy–billionaire. We could totes picture him hunched over a keyboard, furiously writing code and shouting at Andrew Garfield about building chairs.

Peter Parker/Spider–Man
“The Amazing Spider–Man”
Speaking of Andrew Garfield…screw that guy. We think Pete would have made a much more convincing Spidey than the obviously–too–old Garfield. Plus, Pete’s from New York, and he’s already got the name; it’s a match made in heaven. Another perfect match? Pete and future co–star Emma Stone, who just happens to be his biggest celeb crush. Time to reboot the reboot.

Leigh Ann Tuohy
“The Blind Side”
Although we never overhead it, Pete’s Southern accent is supposedly to die for. He’s also into sports — his aforementioned website is all about sports commentary — and could definitely bring some of that knowledge to Leigh Ann’s patented football lessons. No one understands the value of a good third–act motivational speech like Pete.

Bobby Fischer
“Searching For Bobby Fischer”
Pete would do wonders with this role as the unseen titular character who silently shapes and influences the film. Pete himself plays chess, which would add a sense of authenticity to his elusive performance.

“Bruce Almighty”

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