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Moviemaker Profile: Pete Hess

He may claim to not be involved with acting or filmmaking, but Pete Hess is a cinematic genius.

“I watch movies with my friends,” the enchanting Pete Hess explains tentatively, sitting in the corner of Commons Starbucks. He prefers sweet and chocolatey snacks to popcorn and other salty alternatives. He appreciates the prowess of Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon and has a weakness for Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone. But the answer is a steadfast “No” when asked if he has experience making or starring in any type of film, be it a Hollywood work or an 11th grade class project. Upon delving a bit deeper, however, it becomes clear what an aficionado the one and only Pete Hess truly is.

Though he’s nonchalant about his experience as a cinematographer, his Android phone is chock full of high–quality short films. These gems, including footage of friends bowling, express his true mastery. Pete, like Alfred Hitchcock, even makes cameos in his own films, including an Oscar–worthy clip of red Solo cup–holding friends dancing and lip–synching to Bowling For Soup’s “1985.”

His onscreen appearances go back to the 1990s –– that’s right, Pete Hess is a former child star! When he was as young as three, Pete was seen “photo–bombing” pictures at his aunt’s wedding. “I guess I’m a trendsetter,” he admits with a shrug.

Perhaps his most iconic role was as the mouse in his hit live–action elementary school play “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” Pete has clearly inherited his cinematography skills from his devoted parents, who filmed his groundbreaking performance as a rodent.

The mysterious man known as Pete Hess is reluctant to confess to his true status as a moviemaker, but this artist participated in his school choir until sixth grade, when the perils of puberty claimed his majestic singing voice. On– and off–screen, Pete Hess is a force to be reckoned with. You just might have to press him a bit to hear his angelic Adam Sandler impression.

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