EgoDecember 6, 2012 at 5:42 am

Ego of the Week: Peter Hess

The one. The only.

Street: What’s your deal on campus?
Peter Hess: I’m an editor and writer for The Sports Quotient, a sports blog my friends and I started. I’m a co-host on WQHS radio’s “The Zone,” where we talk all things sports. Also, I’m in the chess club.

Street: If you were a piece on a chessboard, which would you be?
PH: A knight. They are sneaky and crafty, moving in all different directions. Better watch out for them, or else they can cause a lot of damage.

Street: What advice would you give freshman Pete?
PH: You got to risk it to get the biscuit.

Street: Who’s your alter ego?
PH: Spiderman. I always want to help my friends and others, both openly or behind the scenes. It’s not about getting recognition, but feeling good that you could help someone out.

Street: What’s your deepest, darkest secret?
PH: People think I’m so nice but sometimes my anger can get the best of me. You need equilibrium with your emotions.

Street: Which Disney princess are you?
PH: I am Belle. Not only would I make the same decision that she made to save a family member — or even a friend — but I also try to see the best in people. I can speak a bit of French, too.

Street: If you could have a superpower what would it be?
PH: Super speed. You could travel the world or even sleep in without the worry of rushing to class.

Street: When did you lose your first baby tooth?
PH: Such a long time ago.

Street: Which of your parents do you love more?
PH: I would say I love my parents equally. I have different relationships with each of my parents. My dad, I would talk about sports, about current events things, but my mom, if I have problems, I go to her.

Street: Why did the chicken cross the road?
PH: It should be going to the farm. I don’t even know why there are roads there.

Street: Is all fair in love and war?
PH: No, not at all.

Street: Describe your first kiss.
PH: It was on this girl’s bed, lights off — it was right after a first date. It lasted for much longer.

Street: Cats or dogs?
PH: Dogs. I hate cats. They are sneaky creatures that scratch you. Dogs are awesome. They just sometimes get too close to me in the wrong places.

Street: What do you want to be when you grow up?
PH: General manager of the New York Jets, or any sports team. It’s so hard to do, but that would be my dream job. I love sports. It’s almost like video games come to life.

Street: If you were a woman, how long would your hair be and how would you style it?
PH: Past the shoulders. I would probably put it in a ponytail.

Street: How you would cover up a murder?
PH: Dispose of the body. Chop it up in pieces and put it out to sea. I’ve never done that before, just to be clear.

Street: How often do you shower?
PH: At least once a day. More if I work out.

Street: Describe your ideal girl.
PH: Smart, funny, likes my humor, brunette, has similar interests as me yet different so that we can learn things about each other because we always have new conversations. Someone who likes  sports a little bit because I’m a huge sports nut.

Street: Is there anything you want to add?
PH: Ladies, I’m single.

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