Food & DrinkDecember 6, 2012 at 5:21 am

Bon Appéte! Cooking with Pete

Move over, Julia Child

Pancakes with Pete
Prepare Pete’s favorite breakfast, preferably in a high rise kitchen.

•Pancake Mix (Pete swears by Bisquick)
•Peanut butter or syrup
Follow all of the directions on the back of the box to create your batter. Pete learned how to flip pancakes after watching his roommate Alex. He learned how to time the flip and assures nervous cooks that “the rest is easy.”
Our novice chef tops his pancakes with maple syrup or, sometimes, peanut butter. He knows it’s crazy, but he is a big peanut butter fan.

Pete’s Pasta and Burger Dinner
– As for the pasta, Pete urges you to make like Nike and “just cook it.”
– When not at BBP, he makes his own delicious burgers with his roommate (Alex, the one with the flipping skills). The twist? Add an egg to the meat — you’ll love the texture!

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