FilmNovember 18, 2012 at 10:32 pm

Trailer of the Week: “Parker”

Jason Statham takes on the role of Parker, similar to Lee Marvin in “Point Blank” and Mel Gibson in “Payback.” This time around, director Taylor Hackford tells the story of a thief with some morals. His knack for appropriate disguise and run–ins with the lovely Jennifer Lopez suggest a film that will far from disappoint. This trailer is packed with choke holds, gun fights and stealing of jewelry; it seems to be the ultimate action movie.
What We Love: Jason Statham, and his light British accent, has been known to portray the thief that gets the job done, to any avail. His co–star Jennifer Lopez fulfills the role of the hot girl who is the supreme-o woman; she’s able to do it all, in stilettos and a tight dress. This movie has a few other familiar faces like, Michael Chiklis (The Thing from “Fantastic Four”). Also, the snarky dialogue already promises some notable quotables.
What We Don’t: Jennifer Lopez, is she the right leading lady? Our “Jenny from the Block” has hardly made waves as an actress, leaving us unsure that she can properly fill the sexy leading lady role. She’s continued to please us with new songs that we love to bop to, but will she botch this role completely, making it difficult for Statham to act around?

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