HighbrowNovember 8, 2012 at 5:22 am

The Roundup 11/8/2012

How crazy was that election, huh? Did you vote? We’ll judge you if you didn’t. JK, we won’t, but while the future of the country was being decided, we were scrounging up some good ol’ American gossip. Tastes just like mama used to make it.

The Penn–Princeton game this weekend was really more of an excuse to get wasted and take a bus trip than watch sports, but Highbrow hears two St. A’s boys took it to the max, getting drunk enough before the game to delay the buses’ departure and getting arrested in the process. One of the boys was underage and fell flat on his face at the rest stop, prompting the police to halt the caravan. They weren’t going to allow them to continue, but luckily the other guy took the rap for the alcohol because he was 21, moving the buses along. Now that’s what we call brotherhood.

Things got a little cray with the Chi O’s this week, as SHS emailed every single girl individually after one came in with swollen lymph nodes. Apparently, this is a symptom of the mumps, or, you know, like, any other disease. Our question is: why is SHS emailing people based on Greek Life? What about the Chi O’s who don’t live in the house? Why are they being subjected to mump–related torment? What about the children? What about the fricken’ children?

Halloween has come and gone two weekends in a row, but that didn’t stop you guys from getting in the holiday spirit. Highbrow hears that on Mischief Night, a group of Omega kids were responsible for TP–ing a string of houses after a few too many drinks at Kweder. But the mischief wasn’t limited to just last Tuesday. A tipster spotted a group of guys dressed in 80s gear trick–or–treating at GSRs in Huntsman. We can’t help but wonder what kind of candy they got…

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