HighbrowNovember 15, 2012 at 5:40 am

The Roundup: 11/15

It’s almost here, les enfants, a time of thanks, a time of giving, a time of stuffing yourself so full with food you undergo a legitimate tryptophan attack. But remember to take some time out from holiday planning and last–minute midterm studying to appreciate the weekly gossip.

It’s an international week of mourning as petty larceny abounds. Devoted Theos and OZ downtowners, boys and girls alike, wander aimlessly around campus phoneless after having them stolen last week and over the weekend. Highbrow hears that a total of over 26 phones have been stolen, some of them from safely zipped–up bags. As only Penn students were targeted, rumors have been circulating that the culprit is Penn–affiliated. But the real question is: will this hamper attendance at the next Chancellor day party?

Things got steamy over at the DZine2Show fashion show last weekend as the boys dressed up and then stripped down. The models walked the runway in their underwear in the middle of the show, despite the fact that some of the show staffers didn’t seem to know it would be happening. The boys strutted their stuff in their Calvin Kleins and Hanes, making the already hot room 10 times hotter. Not that we’re complaining.

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