HighbrowNovember 1, 2012 at 5:20 am

The Roundup: 11.1.2012

So Hurricane Sandy kind of blew, huh? (Get it?) In our little nook of West Philly, it seems the worst damage was done to the livers of those who chose to drink their way through the storm. But let’s all take a moment of silence to remember the tree in front of Amy Gutmann’s house, shall we? While we’re at it, let’s take another moment to highlight our favorite hurricane stories.

While some of campus got all panicky, some kids got creative. One house of SDTs, ChiOs and APhis didn’t lose power, but shut off the lights anyway. Why? They used electrical tape and flashlights to set up a game of foursquare — the playground kind, not the social media stalker’s–best–friend app. We have no words except AWESOME.

Another house shut off their lights and got spooky. With Halloween just around the corner, they decided to light their emergency candles and have a seance for Heath Ledger. Who else? Here’s hoping they got him to explain his last movie, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” because seriously what the fuck.

Those of us who didn’t get panicky or creative got naked, apparently. Highbrow received several reports of students streaking through the storm, everywhere from HamCo to Hill Field. We were cold just sitting pantsless in our living rooms, so we have to admit that we find anyone who took their bare ass out into the storm pretty impressive. But also…why?

Since we’re on the topic of people who probably have pneumonia right now, Highbrow hears Rodin and DuBois residents took advantage of the muddiness of highrise field and used it as a giant, natural Slip ‘n Slide. Writhing around like an idiot in a puddle of freezing cold mud sounds terrible on the one hand, but strangely alluring on the other. Sigh, we’re so torn.

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