MusicNovember 9, 2012 at 4:18 pm

Review: Cee Lo Green – “Magic Moment”

While Cee Lo Green is certainly not the first jolly, portly man most people associate with Christmas, his sparkly new Christmas album “Magic Moment” certainly brings the holiday cheer. With his soulful voice and a bit of Motown flavor, Green reinvents classics like “White Christmas” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” “All I Want for Christmas” is a particular pleasure, showcasing Green’s dynamic range as a singer. More soulful, introspective numbers like “River,” a Joni Mitchell cover, provide the perfect background for kicking back in a reclining chair and sipping egg nog by a crackling fire. In “All I Need is Love,” Green curiously collaborates with the Muppets, and more curiously the song works well, making for a fun, albeit silly number. The widely diverse “Magic Moment” comes together as a cohesive album as Green spreads a bit of early Christmas cheer.

4/5 Stars

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