ArtsNovember 29, 2012 at 5:42 am

DIY: Holiday Glitter Art

'Tis the season of finals and crafty procrastination! Fight off those Reading Days blues with some festive holiday cheer.

You’ll need: glitter, cardstock (or thick paper), glitter, a small paintbrush, glitter, scissors, glue (and/or glitter glue) and did we mention glitter?

1. Pick a line from your favorite Christmahanakwanzika jingle, type it up in a Word document and print it out. We picked “Sleigh bells ring” and used the font “Brush,” size 400.
2. Tape the letters to the cardstock and cut them out.
3. Grab some newspaper because this will get a little messy. Use the paintbrush to spread glue over the letters.
4. Glitter, glitter and MORE GLITTER. Sprinkle glitter on the letters. Feel sexy and free.
5. Hang ‘em up on the wall, and revel in holiday cheer. Now get back to studying, you time–waster you.

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