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DIY: Candles

November has arrived and it’s as cold as a witch’s tit. If your room’s lacking in the warm and cozy department, these easy–to–make candles should do the trick.

Apple–Scented Candles

You’ll need an apple, tea candles and a sharp knife.

1. Place a tea candle on the top of the apple and trace around it.

2. Cut out the candle shape. Try to cut deep enough so that you end up removing a cylindrical shape from the top of the apple. Make sure the opening is deep enough for the candle.

3. Put the tea candle in the apple. Light it. Mmm, autumn.


Coffee–Scented Candles

You’ll need coffee beans, tea candles, and assorted cups and bowls.

1. Pour coffee beans into containers. Using an array of differently–sized cups and bowls makes for a fun, eclectic look.

2. Place tea candles in coffee beans. Light them and enjoy the aroma.


For the flameless

You’ll need a mason jar, loose craft glitter, glowsticks (5 small or 3 large ones) and scissors.

1. Pour glitter into the jar.

2. Crack your glowstick! Make sure to crack it all along its length.

3. Cut your glowstick and shake contents into jar. Hold it over the jar, and using your scissors, cut a slit around the middle of the stick. If you’ve ever wondered what glowsticks actually contain, you’ll have lots of fun with this — it’s kind of like alien bodily fluids.

4. Enjoy your little, glittery, alien lantern. If it loses its light, dump another glowstick in there.

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