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DIY: Bleached Tie-Dye Jeans

This week's featured artist Lorena Nicol teaches you how to add some flair to your basic blue jeans.

1 pair old jeans
1 pair rubber gloves
Hydrogen peroxide solution
Rubber bands
Buckets for soaking and rinsing


Step 1: Bind

Slowly scrunch the fabric into small sections and twist rubber bands around each one. Vary the size of the sections to vary the resulting pattern, making sure to twist the rubber bands tightly until the pants are wound into a ball.

Step 2: Submerge

I used one part bleach to three parts water for this pair of shorts, and left it for about two hours. Less durable fabrics will release their color more quickly — some pieces bleach well in as little as 15 minutes. Denim will need at least an hour. Check on the fabric every so often, but try not to pull it out of the bleach too soon.

Step 3: Rinse & Neutralize

I use four buckets labeled bleach, water, neutralizing agent and water. Even if you do a final rinse under a faucet, submerging the fabric in water at least once is a good idea. Soak in two parts hydrogen peroxide solution to 10 parts water for at least 10 minutes to stop the bleach, and then rinse again.

Step 4: Dry

“Toss the finished piece in the dryer so you can find out right away how it turned out.”

Safety Notes:

Make sure to do this in a well–ventilated area (outdoors if you can), and wear gloves to protect your skin. Throwing on some sweats and a t–shirt you can get messy is also a good precaution.

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By Yesenia on September 20, 2012 at 5:37 am

So all you need is bleach ? & rubber bands ? EITHER than that it looks really easy to do .

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