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The Roundup: 4.19.2012

Do these overheards make our ass look big? Just be honest. Highbrow ate way too many fried Oreos at Fling and now we don’t even fit into our page anymore. Now we’re never going to find a formal date…
But we’re not the only ones who went hard this past weekend. Sources tell us one SAE brother got arrested not once, but twice over the course of Fling. “How??” you might be asking, half–horrified/half–impressed. Apparently, one of the times was for throwing a beer bottle over the fence and it hitting a poor old lady in the head. Although, really, it was probably her fault. Doesn’t she know not to stand near SAE guys when they’re Flinging?
Everyone was Flinging in full force, including some girls at the Pi Kapp BBQ. Highbrow hears that when Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” came on, two girls couldn’t help but dance … on the roof of a car. Must have been some aggressive dancing, as the girls ended up caving in the roof of the car, smashing one of the windows in the process. When will they learn? It’s all fun and games until someone totals a parked car with nothing but their feet. Oh well.
One Skulls guy volunteering for FlingSafe angered somebody you definitely don’t want to fuck with: the Fisher–Hassenfeld House Dean. Upon seeing another Skulls guy in a Skulls tank, the boy jokingly shouted out, “Nice tank, ya homo” within hearing range of the administrator. She then proceeded to kick him off of FlingSafe, made him pay for his otherwise free ticket to the concert and banned him from Fisher–Hassenfeld for the rest of his college career. You go, girl!
Some crazy happenings went down at Theos’s Annual Chancellor Day Party, too. One boy got hit in the face with a champagne bottle, losing a tooth and the cops arrived to break up the shindig. Or did they? Turns out, the cops ended up partying with the Flingers, and taking shots. Sources tell us that someone even threw up on one of the cops. Gross. But hey, it was better than Theos’s rained­–out, tent­–covered Flingfest last year.
One guy certainly pissed off a lot of people this Fling — or should we say pissed on? He was kicked out of Franklin Field during the concert for peeing in the girls’ bathroom, — but wait, that’s not all! The boy was also caught by the police the next day for peeing in public in the Quad. Upon running away, midstream, the boy found an empty Quad room and proceeded to finish the job in a poor girl’s Nalgene. Yikes, we hope she realized before taking a drink. Maybe he should learn to get better control of his bladder, but hey, we’ve all been there.

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By TJ on April 19, 2012 at 5:43 am

Ah, if only 10% of this were true!

By 34th street sucks on April 19, 2012 at 5:43 am

yeah, this is ridiculous slander… what garbage

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