FilmApril 2, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Snow White’s Apple Falls Far From The Tree

The reflection in the mirror isn’t very fair at all.

With two Snow White film adaptations coming out this year — Snow White and the Huntsman in June and Mirror, Mirror premiering this weekend — the latter seemed an obvious winner because of its similarities to the fairytale.

Although some elements of the book are prevalent — Snow White lives with her evil stepmother and later comes into contact with seven dwarves — Mirror, Mirror is drastically different from the classic plot. The person in the mirror is none other than an unwrinkled version of Snow White’s stepmother, the seven dwarves bear names from Half‑Pint to Chuckles, and the apple, so important in the fairytale, only makes a small cameo at the end. Although the costumes and cinematography of the film are bewitching, the character dialogue and actor performance fall flat. Fortunately, the film ends with a great Bollywood inspired song and dance number, but that isn’t enough to save it.

If you’re into fables, you may want to wait until the summer for what will hopefully be a more promising Snow White adaptation. But if you’re adamant about hitting the theaters this weekend, consider watching The Hunger Games a second time.

2.5/5 Stars

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