FilmApril 12, 2012 at 5:24 am

If They Haven’t Broken It, Don’t Fix It

The Three Stooges remake is more painful than a sledgehammer to the head

Few people who have seen the original material will go to see The Three Stooges, a Farrelly Brothers adaptive consolidation of the 1930s vaudeville–turned–film comedy team.  The now–21st century knuckleheads manage to save an orphanage, stop a murder and rule reality TV, all in 90 minutes. Unfortunately, anyone interested in old–fashioned slapstick should just watch the originals. While Sean Hayes (Larry), Chris Diamontopoulos (Moe) and Will Sasso (Curly) try earnestly to capture their respective personas (and almost succeed visually), their admittedly well–researched attempts would better serve an SNL skit. They cannot sustain an hour and a half’s worth of lackluster plot, poorly modernized scenarios, inane gags and corny dialogue. The film ekes out some laughs, but ultimately, the only people who deserve to be socked Stooge–style are the producers.

1/5 Stars

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