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Ego of the Week: Jessica Goodman

PennQuest leader and former editor–in–chief of Street, Jessica Goodman, is 13 years–old, obsessed with glitter and never says no.

Street: Your last name is Goodman. What’s a better adjective to describe you?
JG: I think my friends would say Spaceyman, because they think that I don’t pay attention when they’re talking, because I look around and stuff. I’m not actually that spacey.

Street: Do you have any plans for your first summer as a real person?
JG: I definitely want to try not to die this first summer without a job or anything. I’ll definitely be hunting in Central Park a lot this summer, for food and water obviously.

Street: Fill in the blank. “If I wasn’t afraid, I would ___.”
JG: If I wasn’t afraid, I would go streaking on College Green at 1 p.m.

Street: How long do you think you would last in the Hunger Games?
JG: I would be the first one out.

Street: Do you have any special skills that would help you in survival?
JG: I’m really good at putting glitter on. I have this palette of like 30 pots of glitter that all my friends use. My house is full of glitter.

Street: What’s your favorite word?
JG: In the entire language? “Sequin.”

Street: Who’s your alter ego?
JG: Well, I am a 13 year–old girl, but that’s just my real ego. If you ask anybody, they think I’m just a teenage girl, which is awesome.

Street: Why?
JG: I read a ton of tween books, and love terrible CW shows. They’re so good. How could you not? And because I jump up and down and wear glitter. It all comes back to glitter. My entire life is about glitter. Jess Goodman: The Glitter Story.

Street: If you could invent a new Street section, what would it be?
JG: I guess it would be … like, Midbrow? Yeah, Midbrow. And it would just be a picture of Frida Kahlo’s eyebrow every week.

Street: You find a magic lamp. What are your three wishes?
JG: Make everybody that I love at this school come with me wherever I go next year. That’s one. Number two would be to always have Koja with me right around the block. And three would be to stop having everybody on this campus wear so much neon during Fling. It’s a little much.

Street: What’s your spirit animal?
JG: Ke$ha, but that’s not a thing…

Street: She likes    glitter.
JG: Yeah, Ke$ha is my spirit animal. No, wait! Seals. I love seals.

Street: What’s your mantra?
JG: Always say yes.

Street: You’re a PennQuest leader. Let’s say you’re stranded in the middle of the forest. What would you bring?
JG: I would bring an endless supply of Dunkaroos, my Netflix account and — I’m trying to think of all the shit in my room. I’m kind of a hoarder. And a pair of Nike Dunks.

Street: If you could give one piece of advice to pre–frosh, what would it be?
JG: Don’t be afraid if you’re assigned Hill, and pick up a copy of Street. Obviously.

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