FilmMarch 29, 2012 at 5:24 am

Van Pick of the Week: The Room (2003)

Probably the worst movie ever made.

Cult movies have evolved since Rocky Horror. The year is 2003, the man is Tommy Wiseau and his movie is The Room. Starring Wiseau himself, along with some close friends and a girl of questionable age, The Room is a “black comedy” with a rather loose plot structure. Of course, Wiseau never initially planned it that way — The Room was meant to be his dramatic, Oscar–winning debut.

In actuality, the acting falls flat at every turn, and Wiseau himself seems dubbed into his own movie. Thankfully the film becomes infinitely quotable because of this fact, let alone due to its fallible logic and throwaway characters.

So, next time you’re in Van Pelt, treat yourself to this gem and its 15–minute sex scenes and melodramatic acting. You can get into practice for the midnight showings in LA and become a born–again cult–movie virgin (here’s to you, Rocky Horror).

[VP Call Number: DVD 019 067]

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