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The Roundup: 3.29.2012

The things we go through to bring you guys gossip every week. We had to fight the rest of Street in a battle to the death this weekend, just for the small pleasure of reporting your weekly scandals. We hope it leaves you hungry for more. Odds are you’ll find these stories amusing.

Kappa Sig and AXO have had a little bit of a rough few days after their recent wedding–themed mixer. Both parties threw respective bachelor and bachelorette parties beforehand and the Kappa Sig brothers went all out and hired strippers to service the event. Sources tell us the strippers were a little too harsh because one senior woke up with some pretty bad welts. Ouch! Maybe don’t go for the BDSM package next time, guys.

One frat on Locust took a leaf from Nancy Botwin’s book this weekend. A source tells us that one brother had a pound of pot shipped to him through the mail to their chapter house, which did not go unnoticed by the authorities. The DEA found out about their little shipment and stopped by the house with a few questions. The boys managed to escape any serious punishment, but they better be on their best behavior.

One guy claiming to totally not be a Theos pledge caused some ruckus over at a house on Baltimore on Tuesday night by screaming and throwing things at the house and getting arrested in the process. A cop arrived, taking the boy away before he did some serious damage, except to his future, that is. The freshman, who declared he was “in the fourth percentile of his class,” spit on the cop and claimed Wharton was the “best fucking fraternity in the world.” Wharton pride!

Highbrow hears Pi Lam’s president and some Tabard pledges threw down this weekend. When two Tabard freshmen showed up during a brotherhood meeting to talk to the co–ed frat’s prez, he was anything but welcoming. Sources tell us he took their lunch boxes and threw them into the street, shattering some shotglasses and causing the girls to cry. Apparently Pi Lam isn’t all peace, love and acid trips. We just hope the Tabard pledgemasters weren’t too hard on them.

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By S0M3 BR0 on March 29, 2012 at 5:45 am

Check your facts! First of all, there were 3 Tabard pledges, who interrupted the brothers meeting. The president didn’t answer the door and frankly had nothing to do with the theft of the lunchbox. The three showed up with a camera and asked if they “could talk to the president” who didn’t even make it to the door before one of the brothers grabbed one of the lunchboxes. (I know it sucks to tote your status symbol around but get a handle on your shit.) The one pledge ran after the “thief” who just threw the lunchbox out of the Delancey exit of the house. It was a stunt. She got it back. Meanwhile, the other two pledges REFUSED to leave and halted our meeting. It was annoying as hell–especially since they likely showed up for a pledge task to “take a picture with Pilam’s president.” Patronizing tricks.

Tabard pledge masters, what a stupid fucking task. Rude.

34th Street, your lack of integrity doesn’t surprise me anymore. It is so apparent that y’all are biased as hell and didn’t care to ask ANYONE in PILAM what the hell happened. And a huge FU for propagating rumors of drug use. STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTHS — THIS AIN’T CREATIVE WRITING.

By fbeqr on March 29, 2012 at 5:45 am

^ omg the real hipsters are mad at the faux-hipsters. PS – Miike Snow headlined at Ultra. sooo *underground*

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