Food & DrinkMarch 29, 2012 at 5:46 am

Penn Palate

A Q&A with Koch's Deli's Biggest Personality

Street: What would you put in your ultimate sandwich? 
Ezra Haim: See the “Heavyweights,” number three on the menu, the “Restaurant School”? I’d get that. It has everything.

Street: Other than Koch’s, what’s your favorite sandwich place in Philly? You have to answer.
EH: This is my favorite place! This is all I eat! This is spiced beef. Nobody has this.

Street: So you’ve never had a sandwich from anywhere except here?
EH: Once I was at Quizno’s in Princeton. I had no choice.

Street: What’s the craziest order you’ve ever gotten at Koch’s?
EH: This one guy, he gets honey turkey, double meat — don’t forget we give nine ounces! Double bacon. We give four slices. Double mayo. We give four slices of cheese. He gets double cheese. He’s the double man.

Street: If you could live off one sandwich meat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
EH: Corned beef special.

Street: Corned beef?
EH: Corned beef special. Russian and coleslaw.

Street: If you could add one thing to the menu, what would it be?
EH: We have everything! Hummus.

Street: So how do you stay in such good shape? 
EH: By going out with pretty women like you.

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