MusicMarch 29, 2012 at 5:34 am

Noctourniquet – The Mars Volta

For over a decade now The Mars Volta has been churning out an eccentric blend of experimental, post–hardcore rock for headbangers everywhere to enjoy. Now the beloved prog rockers are back with their sixth studio album, Noctourniquet, their first since 2009. Inspired by children’s nursery rhymes, Greek mythology and the Superman saga, Noctourniquet is jam–packed with heavy, fast–paced tunes that layer obscure chord structures atop unorthodox beats and electrifying guitar riffs. Generally speaking, these tracks are both shorter and less experimental than those on previous Mars Volta efforts. Gone are the 10–minute epics and ear–melting sections of Omar Rodriguez–Lopez guitar work — in their place is a mesh of synth effects, which, while interesting, is a disappointing departure from traditional Volta style.

3/5 Stars

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