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Le Nétflix

All found on Instant Streaming, these foreign Netflix choices will take you far, far away.

Downton Abbey (television series)
For the crowd that is outraged by the rise of reality and thirsting for quality television, this is the show for you… and also your mom, and probably your grandmother as well. Don’t let that dissuade you. Who knew that the goings-on at an aristocratic mansion in the British countryside could be so addictive?

Skins U.K. (television series)
Before the U.S. butchered this show with MTV’s embarrassing attempt at replication, Skins was the popular and controversial show making news in England. These gritty, racy five seasons will hook you and keep you glued to the screen for the rest of the semester.

The Office U.K. (television series)
It’s common knowledge that the British version (ahem, the original version) of this popular show is even funnier than the U.S. imitation. Now you can see for yourself. Especially with the U.S. version getting worse and worse as of late (does anyone even watch still?) this will remind you why you love the show in the first place… only better.

The Blue Planet
One of the points of school is to learn valuable time management skills. How could you procrastinate more than by smoking a j and watching as you are given a tour of the oceans? (Dude, it’s like an aquarium… but like… on your computer!) Did I mention that the narrator has a British accent?

The Bicycle Thief
This critically acclaimed Italian classic will transport you to the streets of Rome where a man is searching for his stolen bicycle with his son. Since 1948 when the film was released, it has been receiving praise and lauded as one of the best movies of all time. Maybe it’s time you see what the fuss is all about.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
A young Antonio Banderas stars in this early Almodóvar film, which, in typical Almodóvar fashion, examines a strange and quirky relationship. The film boasts an NC-17 rating so don’t watch it with your younger siblings, but is more quality than just shocking stunts — it was nominated for 14 Goya Awards, the Spanish version of the Oscars. The film is in Spanish, so you can test your vocab without leaving your couch.

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