EgoMarch 22, 2012 at 5:29 am

Ego of the Week: Hannah Platt

Hannah Platt, President of Off the Beat, is in touch with her inner 11–year–old. She looks forward to planning your next Bar Mitzvah.

Street: If you could have one celebrity join your group, who would it be?
Hannah Platt: I personally would want Britney Spears, because I’m obsessed with her, but I think the rest of my group would absolutely hate that.

Street: What do you want to be when you grow up?
HP: Starting in about three months, I’m going to be an event planner doing weddings and Bat Mitzvahs. I’ll be like The Wedding Planner, essentially.

Street: What did you want to be when you grew up?
HP: I used to want to be a pop singer, like Britney Spears, when I was, like, 11. But that dream slowly faded into reality.

Street: Do you think your 11–year–old self would be okay with you being a party planner?
HP: I think so, because my eleven–year–old self was obsessed with the movie The Wedding Planner, so I’d be okay.

Street: What’s your tip for a great party?
HP: Less speeches, more dancing.

Street: Fill in the blank: “I still can’t believe I once…”
HP: I still can’t believe I once wore a dress that was too short in the Off the Beat show freshman year. People saw things they shouldn’t have seen. I still can’t believe I dressed up as Baby Spice in the Off the Beat show and wore white go–go boats and a mini dress.

Street: I’m sensing a theme.
HP: I would never do that today. That was risque on my part.

Street: What else can “OTB” stand for?
HP: We once did a performance at Georgetown and someone else filmed it and put it on YouTube and they thought we were called “On The Beach.” Otherwise, I can only think of dirty ones: one–time bone…

Street: Who’s your alter ego?
HP: I feel like sometimes my alter ego is Hannah Age 11, where I like to be that 11–year–old teenybopper who’s obsessed with all those pop stars and loved to, like, put on sparkles and glitter (cause I’ll always do that at any opportunity), and dance around like an idiot and be a really big nerd (I was a really big nerd when I was little). And my other, I don’t have a name for it, but when I’m onstage and I’m rocking out, I’m Rock Star Hannah. Or … I don’t know, what’s a good name for that?

Street: Hannah Montana.
HP: Yeah! My alter ego is sort of Hannah Montana: a little less Miley Cyrus, a little more legit.

Street: Where will you be 25 years from now?
HP: I would definitely be living in L.A. still and going to karaoke to relive my youth as an a cappella singer. I’ll be that mom that gets up and grabs the mic at a kid’s Bar Mitzvah and is like, “It’s my turn, I’m gonna sing now.”

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