FilmMarch 14, 2012 at 6:00 am

Disillusionment is the New Black

David Wain’s Wanderlust isn’t quite a wanderbust

David Wain returns with frequent collaborator Paul Rudd to present a comedic film about a very serious issue: disillusionment. After years of urbanization and the crazy complications that come with it, George (Rudd) is yearning for nostalgia, an escape from the city with neither rules nor restrictions. Despite its grounds as a comedy, Wanderlust becomes somewhat preachy in its social commentary. Wain however, is satisfied to restrict it to a smorgasbord of hit–and–miss jokes that seem improvised rather than scripted. He chose his principal cast well, though. Jennifer Aniston and Rudd, as a Manhattan couple in a permissive commune, are audacious and hilarious in equal measure, often rising above the middling material they’re given, making this a decent date night movie, at the very least.

3/5 Stars

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