HighbrowFebruary 2, 2012 at 5:32 am

The Roundup: 2.2.2012

It feels like spring, doesn’t it? It’s hot as hell outside, the Tabard babies have swapped their normal wardrobes for a lovely shade of green and random pseudo–hippies who probably should have gone to Brown are playing frisbee golf on College Green. Spring has sprung!

Giving us further proof that spring has come early, the Tabard girls decided to execute one of their pledging traditions a bit too soon. Thinking that Groundhog Day was yesterday, the pledges sported furry ensembles and popped out of the holes in the button declaring that winter would be over soon. They quickly realized that the holiday is today and scurried home. Today you can check them out every hour on the hour, dressed as furry creatures, declaring it Groundhog Day. Enjoy.

Theta girls had to dress up too, but not in their normal garb. Normally pledging requires that they wear all black for weeks on end, but, as they put it, “black means secrecy.” Because they haven’t kept quiet about their pledging, Highbrow hears the girls have been ordered to wear all white, all day, and yes, that includes at nighttime when they head downtown.

But wait, there’s more! When a few pledges asked to skip pledging to go home for the weekend, their pledgemasters allowed it, but not without consequences. The pledges were asked to document their trip by taking planking photos everywhere they went. Isn’t planking over yet?

But why let Tabard and Theta have all the fun? Our sources tell us Tridelt had a few cute outfits for their newest class. The stories are true: Tridelt lets you be you, as long as you’re a an avid Johnny Depp fan. The youngest girls were told to dress as Edward Scissorhands for their bid day party last night, with only a few hours to find a suitable costume. Don’t worry, girls, we’re sure you’ll end up looking sharp.

Highbrow spotted a group of lost Wharton souls leaving the Inn at Penn on Monday. But they weren’t lost because they think a job in i–banking will bring them happiness; we label them as such because their precious PennLink told them of a “night–before” Goldman Sachs info session for “interviewees only.” When the Wall Street hopefuls showed up, there was no such meeting and the poor OCR people had to walk home, sullen and in business formalwear. Cry us a river.

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