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The Blind Side

Two Penn Singles Get Happy at Fairmount's La Calaca Feliz

The Daters: 

Kylie Gemmel hails from Washington, D.C. After spending last fall in Sydney, Australia, she’s back in full swing as TriDelt’s newest president. Don’t get her wrong, though, this sorority girl says she loves a good GDI. “I have this terrible habit of choosing people based on the comedy of the situation, which never turns out well. Actually sometimes it turns out okay. Like my romance with the Spanish bullfighter…” WHAT?! We might have picked the date, but we’re confident Kylie will take this one by the horns.
Brad Marvin is a senior ex–football player from Bronxville, NY. As a huge Patriots fan, he’s still reeling from Sunday’s defeat, but we’re hoping he’ll rebound on this setup. When asked what he looks for in a lady, this Whartonite says he keeps it simple. “I don’t really have a type. I just like someone who is smart and a lot of fun to be around.” Seems easy enough, right? We’re optimistic that Kylie will be a homerun touchdown match for Brad.

First Impressions:

KG: I was expecting Todd from Wedding Crashers, so I was pleasantly surprised. Brad’s an all–American boy next door, from New York, but refreshingly un–trendy.
BM: To be honest, I was preparing for the worst. But seeing Kylie I was very happily surprised. She was really cool and we both laughed about the ridiculousness of this whole situation. When she said she was the president of TriDelt I was a little worried she was going to be all about that, but it wasn’t like that at all. She was down to earth and really funny.

The Restaurant:

KG: The restaurant had really great energy. I loved the colorful murals, especially the skull imagery — very Dia de Los Muertos. There was also a huge portrait of “The Most Interesting Man in the World” — from the Dos Equis commercials — hanging in the bathroom, so that gave me a good laugh.
BM: The location was a little out of the way, but once we got inside it was a cool little place. I couldn’t believe how packed it was for just opening a few weeks ago. The tables were close enough together that we considered challenging the couple next to us to a boat race with our margaritas (we could have taken them).

The Service:

KG: The waitstaff was extraordinarily attentive. Our waitress spent a few minutes walking us through the menu and making some really great suggestions. I know that the restaurant just opened, so I was impressed by the lack of chaos.
BM: They gave us great recommendations and free drinks, which is always a plus. The manager also came out and introduced himself, which was nice.

The Food: 

KG: We had guacamole ($10) in this interesting stone dish shaped like a dog, Crab Fundido (jumbo crab, cream cheese, chives, queso mixto, $12) and pulpo skewers ($13). I had pescado skewers packed with swordfish, vera cruz sauce, roasted tomatoes, jalapeños and olives as my entrée ($22) and Brad had black bass ($22).
BM: We tried to go as ridiculous as we could. They were all unbelievable, but the crab dip was definitely my favorite. Big upgrade from my usual chicken plate. Our main courses were both so good, but neither of us could come close to finishing after doing some serious work on the appetizers.

The Sweet Stuff:

KG: We were literally stuffed by the time the dessert menu came around. We didn’t order anything, but our friendly waitress brought a complimentary treat over anyways. It was a sundae with caramel popcorn on top — gotta love the sweet/savory combo.
BM: I’m not a huge dessert guy, but the dish looked too good not to try. It had popcorn, ice cream and chocolate sauce everywhere. It was great.

Rate The Date:

The Convo: 

KG: I told him pretty early on that my parents met on blind date. Probably a bad decision. Conversation flowed just like our margaritas. Margs upon margs upon margs.
BM:  The conversation flowed really well. And our shared interest in margaritas and sangria definitely didn’t hurt.

Would you do it again?

KG: Yes. The food was amazing, but the drinks were even better! I definitely want to come back with some friends for happy hour and appetizers sometime soon.
BM: I would definitely go back there. The food was great and the people could not have been nicer.

We didn’t mean the restaurant…

KG: In one of our conversations, we debated the probability that Tim Tebow is actually a virgin. I guess we’ll have to meet again to get to the bottom of this.
BM: Yea, I had a lot of fun going out with Kylie so we’ll see what happens.

La Calaca Feliz
2321 Fairmount Ave.
(215) 787–9930

DON’T MISS: White wine sangria
SKIP: The guacamole. It’s pretty standard.

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Great article but wrong contact info for restaurant. It is located at 2321 Fairmount Avenue. Phone is 215/787-9930.

By Adrian Franco on February 9, 2012 at 5:59 am

Thank you for the comment. The changes you specified have been made.

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