FilmJanuary 26, 2012 at 5:39 am

Van Pick of the Week

Despite any longshot hopes for less homework, most of us will end up in Van Pelt more than we’d like this semester. One thing you might not know about your schlep to the stacks: you can also check out movies. It’s free, and VP’s collection includes everything from obscure film noir to recent blockbusters. We’ve raided their archives and come up with some gems. Here’s one:

Wild at Heart (1990)

David Lynch’s Wild at Heart at first seems over–the–top -— a thing fit only for the early nineties, the decade from whence it came. Depicting the runaway of two young lovers, Sailor and Lula, the gritty action is carried out with the glitz of snakeskin jackets, fake nails and often melodramatic acting. But Lynch takes what appears gaudy and uses it to his advantage. The film has an unpolished style to it, adding to the temptations and failures of its characters as they escape from Lula’s crazed mother and the hitman she hired to kill Sailor. It’s bloody, it’s sexual and it serves up a medley of bizarre characters as well as a story that’s far too edgy for its own era.

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