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Gettin’ TAC-e

Quadramics, iNtuitons and PenNaatak of the Theater Arts Council want you for their upcoming spring shows. Check out how to get involved…and how to get drunk more theatrically.

Who is TAC–e?
African American Arts Alliance
Front Row
Penn Players
Stimulus Children’s Theater


Street: Give us theater wannabes some audition advice.
iNtuitons: Do audition if you’re attractive. Don’t audition if you’re not attractive.
Naatak: Try to express not impress, and don’t be afraid of going crazy on stage.
Quadramics: Don’t sing any songs from Annie…but do come dressed as Annie.

Street: The biggest misconception about theater kids?
iNtuitons: …that we like being called “theater kids.”
Naatak: That we always hang around with other theater kids.
Quadramics: That we’re all losers. Only 70 percent…

Street: Your board’s guy-to-girl ratio?
iNtuitons: Gender is a social construct. So is our board.
Naatak: 4:2
Quadramics: 50/50 baby!

Street:The best theater game turned drinking game is…
iNtuitons: Rehearsals. Someone says a line, you drink.
Naatak: Zip Zap Zop.
Quadramics: Big Booty.

Street: Your group superlative?
iNtuitons: Most Likely to Make Like a Honey Badger.
Naatak: Naatakist.
Quadramics: Life of the Party!!!!

Street: A play that you wish you could produce…
iNtuitons: Cats. But the cats would be dogs.
Naatak: Bombay Dreams, but we don’t have the budget.
Quadramics: Rocky Horror Picture Show, but the Penn Players already did it…

Street: What’s the best part about a midnight show?
iNtuitons: Board Chair Mike Silverstein’s slutty nurse costume. And no, he’s not in the show.
Naatak: We can party before and after.
Quadramics: The Pre-Show! You have to come to find out…


Show: The Wedding Album
Get Involved: Tech Auditions 1/24–25, 7–11 p.m. in Harnwell Upper Lobby

Show: The Wild Party!
Get Involved: Tech Interviews 1/24–25, 7–11 p.m. in Harnwell. For publicity, costumes, props and more, see website.

Show: Woyzeck
Get Involved: Tech Interviews 1/24–25, 7–11 p.m. in Rodin Lobby

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