EgoDecember 1, 2011 at 6:47 am

Ego of the Week: Zack Rosen


When Zack Rosen showed up to the Street office with his best friend from childhood, Heshaam “Shaam” Polen, we were confused. Turns out, wherever the star basketballer and secret yogi goes, Shaam goes too. They’re codependent and proud of it.

Street: If you didn’t play basketball, what would you do?
Zack Rosen: Baseball. I was a baseball player first — people don’t really know that. I played basketball my entire life; I just wasn’t that serious about it. Well, as serious.

Street: How do you prep for a basketball game?
ZR: I like to get down to the arena really early and shoot. I just like being in there when no one’s around. It’s peaceful.

Street: Do you have any pregame superstitions?
ZR: I wear the same pair of socks and I always wear them inside out. Normally the seams are on the inside, but if you flip them out, they feel real comfortable.

Street: How would you describe your handshake?
ZR: It varies. Sometimes I go for the pound. Sometimes I’ll go for the chest bump. I love shaking it up.

Street: Who is Shaam?
ZR: Shaam is my best friend since fifth grade. He comes down, hangs out with me on the weekends. He’s pretty much the most sociable guy you’ll ever meet in your life.
Shaam: I like people.
ZR: I walk around during the week, and I’ll have people come up to me and be like, “Zack, when’s Shaam coming back?” “Where’s Shaam?”
Shaam: Thank you, man.

Street: What’s your latest discovery?
ZR: I can cut my own hair. Saves me 40 bucks a month.

Street: If you were to redo your time at Penn, what club would you join?
ZR: I wouldn’t redo my time at Penn. But if I had to join a club, I would join Strictly Funk and ask Joe Forzano to teach me how to dance.

Street: What’s your secret talent?
ZR: I’m a yoga master. My mom’s a yoga instructor, so I grew up on yoga.

Street: What’s your favorite pose?
ZR: Head stand. I like the happy baby, too. With the happy baby, you’re on your back and it looks like you’re giving birth.

Street: What’s your craziest fan story?
Shaam: Oh, I got one. One night we were out, and everybody knows I’m his best friend. So there was this group of girls, and they’re like, “Hey, uh, aren’t you Zack Rosen’s best friend?” I go, “Yeah, why?” She goes, “Do you think he’ll like me?” I was like, “He’s right over there, go ask him.” She’s like, “I’m afraid to talk to him, do you think you could, uh, hook me up?” I’m like, what?

Street: Does that happen a lot?
Shaam: Once in a while.

Street: You’re his wingman?
ZR: Half a wingman.
Shaam: Half a wingman. I’ll take that title with pride.

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