FilmDecember 8, 2011 at 6:10 am

2011′s Hottest Celebrities















Gone are the days when the sultry star hid behind animation as Meg on Family Guy. Mila Kunis took 2011 by storm as she worked Hollywood as Natalie Portman’s wild and sexy counterpart in Black Swan and blew NP’s No String Attached out of the water by seducing Justin Timberlake in summer rom–com Friends with Benefits. Her career shows no signs of slowing, as Kunis is currently filming Oz: The Great and Powerful opposite James Franco. Plus, she’s newly single and escaped the Soviet Union as a child — how exotic.















He first captured our hearts making out with Rachel McAdams in the rain in 2004’s The Notebook, but 2011 made RyRy a bona fide superstar. From his brooding smolders to infectious twinkling eyes, America fell crazy, stupid in love with Gosling. This former Mickey Mouseketeer was a romantic lead in Crazy, Stupid, Love. opposite Emma Stone, headlined an indie thriller in Drive and co–starred with Clooney in political drama The Ides of March. His on–screen abs didn’t hurt, either.

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